A Post from Paris

This is not hyperbole or self-importance from Grant Wiggins, this is what is at stake when we talk about the core aim of teaching and learning…and it should be inspiring!

Granted, and...

I happened to be in Paris the day of the terror attack, and it was a bit unnerving since I was at the American School. Our meeting abruptly ended as heightened security went into immediate effect, and I took the train back to Paris.

I seem to be bad luck: I was in DC during 9-11 (At NSF, no less), and I was in NYC during the first attack on the world trade center in the early 90s. So, I have had a lot of opportunity to ponder terror, our responses to it – and links to education generally (and UbD specifically).

“Ubd? Really, Grant? Isn’t that a bit of a stretch?”

No. Because we are talking about understanding and a lack of understanding – in this case, with very high stakes. It is crucial that we learn to understand – not like or respect, but understand! – why young…

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