Fundación Pies Descalzos Barranquilla, Colombia

Fundación Pies Descalzos
Barranquilla, Colombia

My interest in teaching stems from a love of working with children and a passion for creating positive impact in a community. From a very young age I have always known that I wanted my professional life to be a contribution to a worthy community. As I grew older and began gaining experience in the education field, I realized that teaching fulfilled my desire to give to others as part of my professional work. I have come to believe that there are two inherent goods in education; helping young minds learn and grow, and contributing to a deserving school community. In short, education is a profession which matches my values.

Coming out of college I did not think I would become an educator working with young students, but I volunteered as a History and English teacher in Guatemala and found that I loved being a part of the struggle and success of young learners. Since then I have gained experience teaching adults and young learners alike, from Colombia to Korea and from the Central District to White Center in Seattle. I realized that I loved inspiring interest in a subject. I am a self-proclaimed lifelong learner with varied academic interests and my primary goal as an educator is to help create that same inquisitiveness in my students.

From the experience of others and my own, I have come to think that positively impacting a small section of society, like a school community, is the most meaningful work a person can undertake. Small is truly beautiful and impactful. I intend to dedicate my life’s work to contributing to small school communities and attempting to give more than I take from them.

This is a log of my professional development journey as a teacher and educator.


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