IDEA Mind Map

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act - 14 Disabilities

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was originally passed and signed into law in 1990, its most recent major amendments were added in 2004. This important education law ensures the “free appropriate public education” for each and every student with a disability in the United States. Among its far-reaching impacts is the creation of the Individualized Education Program (IEP), which nearly all teachers in the US are familiar with in 2015.

My teacher education program, Teach-Now, asked us to create a Mind Map of the thirteen specific cognitive and physical disabilities covered under IDEA, along with describing or providing an example of what each disability entails for the child. And finally, we were asked to provide an example of a potential individualized intervention or accommodation that a teacher would put in place in order to make the learning appropriate for a child with that specific disability.

You can view my average Mind Map on the Mindmeister website here.

However, I was recently sent a newsletter from Mindmeister informing me of a couple things of which I was previously unaware. First, if you do not sign in to your Mindmeister account for six months it will be deactivated, FYI! Second, Mindmeister has a serious catalogue of searchable public Mind Maps that anyone can access and reference (as long as you give proper credit to the maker). Check out the education public maps here.

Finally, I was blown away with a few Mind Maps that I encounter during my casual perusal of the public catalogue. I wish I had spent some time viewing well-developed Mind Maps on the site before creating my own rudimentary ones. For example, here is a thoroughly better version of an IDEA Mind Map created by Sarah Euphrasia.